Embrace the allure of Luserna Stone for both interior and exterior cladding

Perhaps it is the intricate interplay of grey-green bands and vibrant white crystals, or maybe it is the remarkable workability of this extraordinary sedimentary rock. Whatever the reason, the endless creative possibilities of Luserna Stone will continue to astound.

From cladding for staircases and outdoor spaces to interior embellishments and even tables, discover the diverse range of furnishing solutions made of Luserna Stone, proudly crafted by Vottero Riccardo.

For steps, garden pathways, or other outdoor areas, consider our flamed stone slabs. These rough vitrified surfaces offer superior traction, durability, and weather resistance.

Our flamed slabs, available in thinner dimensions, are perfect for windowsills, balconies, staircases, and wall cladding, replicating the appearance of natural split surfaces.

If you seek innovation, explore our “brushed” products made of Luserna Stone, ideal for interior furnishings. This ingenious technique combines the charm of flamed stones with an almost smooth, safe, and easy-to-clean surface.

Sophistication and vibrancy define Vottero Riccardo's interior cladding made of Luserna Stone. Polished or smoothed to perfection, these surfaces are perfect for kitchen countertops, stairs, and furnishings, infusing your home with a fresh radiance.

Outdoors or indoors, staircases included. What's your preference?