Square blocks for the sawing machine are usually produced using the pre-splitting technique. To avoid any risk of breaking the extracted material, this operation is generally performed with the use of expanding mortar, limiting to a minimum the use of explosives. In some cases, diamond wire cutting machines are also used. The block sizes vary from 200 to 340 cm in length, from 80 to 180 cm in height and from 60 to 240 cm in thickness.

The Luserna stone extraction takes place in the Italian Region of Piemonte in a location between Bagnolo di Piemonte (Cuneo) and Luserna S. Giovanni-Rorà (Turin). Considering the whole production of stone blocks and slabs, all the stone mines of this area produce around 390.000 tonne per year.

The natural stone extraction process is achieved by using a pre-splitting technique. In order to avoid probable damages on the quarried material, Vottero Riccardo & C. s.n.c mines the natural stones using expansive mortar to limit explosive applications and sometimes resorts the diamond wire cutting system.


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