Luserna Stone cubic paving stones, known in Italy as Sanpietrini, have been an enduring symbol of urban architecture in this country for centuries. They grace the squares and streets of every historic Italian city. For over 90 years, Vottero Riccardo has crafted these paving stones from the remarkable Luserna Stone, an emblem of the quarries in Piedmont.

Our small cubic paving stones are perfect for creating outdoor pavements and road surfaces, boasting a distinctive natural plane surface and chiseled edges.

They are available in various sizes, 4/6 cm, 6/8 cm, and 8/10 cm, in both uniform and variegated shades. On request, we can provide thicker stones, reducing pavement construction costs (e.g. 6/8x4/6 cm).

This processing procedure imparts an elegant and classical appearance to outdoor pavements and road surfaces made of Luserna Stone, echoing a rich history related to the use of this natural stone. The variegated shades, characteristic of this natural stone from the gneiss group, enable the creation of unique decorative patterns on road surfaces.

Because of their aesthetic and decorative qualities, these small cubic paving stones are frequently employed in historic city centres and for surfacing the outdoor areas of prestigious buildings. Furthermore, they exhibit outstanding performance attributes: in particular, they boast remarkable durability and easily conform to irregular road surfaces, maintaining their structural integrity.

For any inquiries or curiosities, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Our experts are always available to provide detailed information about this processing technique or to offer advice on the use of our cubic paving stones. Explore the history of our company