Luserna stone in brushed finish (Antique)


Brushed Luserna stone originates from a very recent process, representing an ideal floor tiles solution for indoors. In fact it combines a very similar surface to the flamed paving with the undoubted advantages of a considerably less rough surface, making it consequently extremely easy to clean.


Vottero Riccardo offers flamed Luserna stone solutions in custom-made brushed finishes with thicknesses starting from cm 1,5.
Inferior thicknesses available available (cm 1,2/1) in quantities of mq 100 or more.


By choosing a natural stone paving for interiors you are able to give yourself a chance to take advantage of the many opportunities offered by Vottero Riccardo’s product catalogue, that is extreme convenience, aesthetics and functionality. Select your ideal solution and size from the great variety offered by our catalogue. Our company only guarantees high quality materials and innovative processing techniques as well as reliability of the quarries of origin.

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