Stone with a fine grain grey/greenish background Scattered in the basic mass there are varying concentrations of white crystals generally having dimensions of numerous millimetres.

Vein cut, the material appears to be made of a dense alternation of respectively grey/greenish and white levels, very continuous laterally and in a straight line. From a lithological perspective the stone is a gneiss. The presence of dark grey bands, white patches and chains and black threads can reduce the aesthetic quality of the material. According to the type of product, the presence of rusty marks can constitute an aesthetic defect or, on the other hand, a quality factor.

Tests performed at the Marble Laboratory of Turin Polytechnic University The values of the physical/mechanical tests are within the normal range of typical gneiss values, the category into which Luserna stone is classified. The percentage reduction of compressive strength after freezing falls within the range of values of non-freezing materials.

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