Among our offerings, you will discover Luserna Stone kerbstones, not only used for pavement demarcation or road borders but also as integral elements for paving. Designers often employ them as if they were embroidery threads to fashion squares, pavements, or to define flower beds, gardens, and pedestrian areas. This natural stone, extracted from Vottero's quarries in Piedmont, marries aesthetic beauty with functional qualities, making it especially well-suited for outdoor applications. Its resilience to adverse weather events and enduring quality are its primary advantages.

Luserna Stone kerbstones feature a natural top surface, precisely squared, and possess parallel sides. These are crafted through mechanical splitting, resulting in a shape reminiscent of a parallelepiped. Vottero's standard production of Luserna Stone kerbstones is categorized as follows:

  • Standard (ranging from 10x5/8, 10x8/11, to 12x10/15)
  • Giant (ranging from 12x15/20 to 14x15/20).

Our kerbstones are available in regular typologies, sawn on 4 or 2 sides, with defined widths and varied lengths. Additionally, they can be provided with surfaces displaying either varied or uniform colour in the typical grey-blue shade.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always available to address your questions and offer guidance on realizing your projects with Luserna Stone.