Flamed products with fixed thickness


This solution is particularly suited for outdoor use, paving, wall coating, windowsills, balconies, cladding and funerary objects, by allowing to combine the benefits of a natural split surface-look to those of the constant thickness of finished products. Custom work can also be done on the borders as shown in pictures.


Different format options available according to the customer’s requirements from a thickness of cm 2.

Inferior thicknesses available available (cm 1,2/1) in quantities of mq 100 or more.


If you want to create pavings and claddings in Luserna stone, windowsills, coating and thresholds of excellent workmanship, it is recommended to use the flamed products offered by Vottero Riccardo, a benchmark company in its industry. Starting from the quarrying phase up to the processing phase (with the help of the most reliable and efficient cutting techniques), we guarantee the utmost care in the quality of materials. Moreover, our production of slabs and tiles is further enhanced by the great variety of sizes and thicknesses.

By choosing a Luserna stone staircase you choose elegance and sophistication: with our catalogue, Vottero Riccardo guarantees solutions which are destined to last overtime.


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