Flamed products of varying thickness

Whenever specific requirements for thickness in stonework coating are not required, as in paving, it is possible to use flamed finished tiles of varying thickness. Flamed tiles of varying thickness provide aesthetically identical solution to solutions with fixed thickness, yet reducing by half the expense.


Luserna-stone flamed slabs, available in Vottero Riccardo, product catalogue, provide very regular paving material obtained from blocks of natural stone. Flaming is done by running a torch over the surface of the stone, which is later exposed to thermal shock by water cooling causing the surface to glaze. The surface is thus made rough, anti-slip and weather resistant.




Flamed Luserna stone therefore is particularly suited for outdoor use, as exterior flooring,cladding and paving.

Moreover, stone flaming allows the crystal lattice structure of the stone to be revealed, providing a very natural look and colors.

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