Cobblestones (Sanpietrini)


Cobbles made of Luserna stone produced by Vottero Riccardo are ideal for outdoor paving and best suited for streets and squares’ paving.


Small natural split cubes with sheared edges, in different colours and thickness: cm 4/6, 6/8 and 8/10. Also available with lower thickness and bigger sizes (ex. cm 6/8x4/6). This solution is aimed at delivering cost reduction for the paving implementation.


Cobbles in Luserna stone are ideal for maximizing the aesthetics of the road surface or outdoor paving by means of their decorative potential. In fact, cobblestones are best suited for paving streets in historic city centers and outdoor areas of prestigious buildings.

Yet cobblestones provide strong performance characteristics, resistance, and adapt better to the road surface, even when uneven.

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